Design & Manufacturing Services

We offer a range of dealer services ranging from small leather accessories to larger luxury handbags, which include the following:

  1. Concept design / Mood Board / Inspiration

  2. Prototype creation / Sample making in arrays of color ways

  3. Cost per piece manufacturing ranging from small batch into large quantity fulfillment

  4. Private label contract design services to re-imagine full collections for large established brands, and also custom tailored services for small/medium sized boutique brands.

A highlight of Previous/Current Clients: 

Large Tote made from Italian Vachetta for Homer Montecito

The Ritz-Carlton Resorts

Kenny Kayne


Homer Maker

John Wayne


UGG Mens

Red Wing Shoes

Pendleton Woolen Mills

The Territory Ahead

Acme Hospitality Group

Shelter Social Club 

Examples of developed styles in the last two decades for both men and women:

Key chains - small accessories can made large branding impact.

Restaurant Menus - we create style and luxury at your customers first touch point.

Check Presenters - a nice well presenting check presenter can be another opertunity for restaurant branding. 

Hotel Binders and Room Addendum - we'd developed many hotel binders, door "do not disturb" signs and much more.

Wallets - mens and women's wallet continue to rend in the gift retail industry and is another opportunity for fashion brands to accessories brand offerings. 

Wine Carry Bags - wine carry accessories run tandem the every growing spirits industry and offer an opportunity for branding. 

Handbags - we would not hav a business had we not jumped into the womens handbag industry. Its a large and every growing part of our business. 

Notes on business practices and arrangements: 

Onboarding a new client requires a video or phone call to determine the “right fit” for our services, and is free for the first hour window of consultation. Meeting and phone calls are billable time moving further down the pipeline of a project(s). We charge $72 an hour for design and prototyping services with payment terms determined at onboarding, and it's separate from any per/piece manufacturing agreement.

We utilize progressive billing, so a client may choose to only use our service for concept and re-imagining their leather goods collection, without using our manufacturing services. Many clients have opted to use licensing agreements and partnerships or souly consult with our sampling services. 

For an even more detailed list of our work flow and costing, please read our PDF Notes "10 Steps: Design & Fabrication" Process.