Build a Custom Bag
We all have different needs. Together we can build a bag you can use all day, every day.
Custom leather bag
We've designed the perfect hybrid tote/backpack and now you can pick the size, shape, and color that's just right for you.
Ready for action
You get to choose the size, the straps, the color combos, etc. And yes, we stole this slogan from Burger King because it works really well for this campaign.
Custom Leather Bag
If you'd like to sit down and design something with us, reach out for an appointment:

Make Smith’s custom workshop runs in a 3 step process. But as a preliminary requirement, we have a minimum order cost of $300. This minimum cost covers a consultation, and building a bag that is within our defined “wheelhouse”, or within out design guidelines. Not included are prototyping fees, pattern design, or work related to design brands designs.

Step 1: Meet to discuss desired custom project - appointment only. After the meeting, we will calculate the cost of the order and contact you about your wish to go ahead with the project.

Step 2: If you wish to proceed, before prototyping begins we ask you pay the price of your project in full.

Step 3: We will construct your final project.

  • Minimum order cost: $300.
  • Hourly rate of $75 an/hour.
  • We do not accept refunds or exchanges on custom orders.
  • Once project is started we do not give deposit refunds.