Build An Axe Workshop

Class dates and time: 

May 18th (4 spots available)

1:00- 4:00 p.m.

Cancellation Policy: 

Refunds are credited in full with in 48 hrs of purchase date. Classes will not be refunded after this time due to the demand of the classes. "No shows", and cancellations cannot be traded for future classes or product. 

What you will make: 

You will leave with a completed axe and sheath. You will install a brand new hickory handle onto a single bit axe and hand-make a leather sheath to fit it perfectly.  

Class description:

In this three-hour class Northwest native Patrick Melroy will lead participants through two excellent classic projects. First each student will set a vintage single bit axe head onto a brand new hickory handle, a skill everyone should posses. Secondly students, using leather, will cut and fold and ultimately rivet a sheath for the axe. Participants will go home with a one-of-kind axe, housed safely in a sheath of their own making. Your axe will be the one thing in your living room that will really seal all the deals.

  • If you have had a tough time convincing people that you can handle yourself in a tight spot, an axe of your own making should settle the debate.

  • Father-in-laws can be tricky, but they like people with axes, that’s just a fact.

  • Zombies, yeah fixes that too.

  • Looking for that perfect gift for your grumpy loved one, try an axe, guaranteed best gift ever.

  • There are two kinds of people in this world, those who can say confidently, “I’ll be right there just let me grab my axe.”  And your kid brother who’s never allowed to touch your axe! Ever.

  • If someone wants to borrow your axe and you can’t tell them exactly where it is in your house at any moment? Trick question never loan anyone your axe. They didn’t build it.  

  • Pesky printer issues, make minor adjustments to the outer casing with your axe.

  • Is stress playing to big a role in your life, grab your axe and split your anxiety away.

  • Nothing says boss, like a guy or gal sitting on his or her porch sharpening an axe, slowly, with a beer or beer.  

Contemporary society has reduced the expectation of an axe in the home, but the need remains. Axe’s are one of the oldest tools in continuous use. The time has come for you to have an axe properly shrouded in a sheath of your own making hanging on the wall, or on your bike, or on the back of that horse you have been meaning to buy and ride off into the Wyoming countryside on, while letting your boss and all your social media accounts meltdown behind you.

Students will conclude the course with a brief wood chopping exercise, with proper stance and grip training to better maximize throwing force.

This is a very limited seat class and we are proud to host the skilled creativity of Patrick Melroy.

Bio: Patrick Melroy was taught to use an axe at the age of 9 by his papa, Merlin Orville Hawkins. His grandfather dropped a tree on the property in the early spring and sawed it into rounds. By late summer the wood was dry enough to be split for the coming winter. Melroy was trained with a nine pound sledge hammer and wedge, moving to the six pound splitting maul and finally a three and half pound single bit axe. Fires burn better when fueled by sweat and the love of your grandfather. Melroy is an artist who maintains a studio practice in Santa Barbara California, he has a surplus of axe heads and the desire to share his love of axes.  His master’s thesis involved teaching participants how to use axes in a museum setting.

Price:  $139  (includes all tools and materials - CA taxes are paid during checkout.)

Class location:  609 Chapala St., Santa Barbara CA  93101 (map


*Children 14 and under need an adult present and everyone is required to purchase a ticket.

*No drinking. We are operating dangerous tools

Waiting List: 

Our classes fill up quickly. To join the waiting list please send an email to with the date of your request.



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