Holiday Gift Guide

We all know how quickly those Christmas gifts add up! But the holidays don't have to burn a hole in your pocket. No matter what your price range is, Make Smith has got something for you. We've broken down some of our favorite items by price to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. Take a peak!  

Gifts $50 and under!

Leather storage caddy (medium) - 50
Dog leash - 50
Leather coin purse - 45
Single pocket card sleeve - 42
"Spanish Whip" Cologne for men and women- 42


Gifts $40 and under!

Leather key chain with clip - 40
Custom embossed luggage tag - 38
Custom key chain - 35
"Not yours" luggage tags - 30
Incense holder - 30


Gifts $25 and under!

Leather storage caddy (small) - 25
Key chains ("baby mama", "baby daddy", "fuck it") - 24
Make Smith t-shirt - 22
Leather fortune cookie - 4
Leather gift certificate - 25